Marine Insurance

Modern packing and transportation methods of personal and household effects provides assurance and peace of mind for the safety of the shipment of effects. However, no move is without risk; accidents do sometimes happen and third party liabilities can arise. For this reason it is vital that your shipment is adequately insured.

If you require insurance against any loss or damage, it should be arranged prior to the removal taking place. It is of the utmost importance that you, the client, confirm in writing whether or not insurance cover will be required. The following insurance options are available, and can be arranged with Global Econo Movers.

1. All Risk Insurance

Global Econo Movers can provide All Risk Insurance cover, which covers any accidental loss or damage during the removal. It should be noted, however, that this cover only applies to household effects packed by Global Econo Movers. Owner packed items cannot be insured under the All Risk policy. The client must provide a valued itemized inventory in both ZAR and destination currency. The premium for All Risk cover is 3.9%. Any claim will be subject to an excess of 1% of insured value with a minimum of R500,00 payable by the insured.

2. Total Loss Insurance

Total Loss can be arranged which covers damage to your household effects due to container being dropped and written off or should goods never arrive at destination, for owner packed goods. The premium for Total Loss cover is 1%. Any claim will be subject to an excess of 0.9%, payable by the insured. Please note that the minimum value for Total Loss Insurance is R20 000.00, which is a premium of R200.00.

3. At Owner Risk

Should you decline the above options, your household effects will be transported at your own risk and subject to our Standard Conditions of Trading. Global Econo Movers will not be liable for any loss or damage to your household effects, howsoever it has been caused.

All premiums payable for the above mentioned insurance options would be for the client's account and is not included in the quotation price, unless shown otherwise.

* Always insure your goods for their full replacement cost at destination.

* Complete a full valued inventory for “All Risk” insurance in both Rands and destination country currency.

* Make sure that all the contents of your consignment are insured, as per the inventory.

* If you have items being shipped that are not listed on the inventory, please enter these on the inventory under “other”.

* Motor vehicles, boats, motorcycles should be valued at the sound market value at destination.

* Antiques and fine arts must be valued at the current market replacement cost at destination, taking into account costs of duties, shipping and carriage charges.

* Coverage begins for the “All Risk” option from the time the personal and household effects are being packed by Global Econo Movers.

* The coverage for the “Total Loss” option begins when the container is packed.

* Effects placed in storage before shipment in our warehouse are covered by Global Econo Movers policy for Fire and Water damage only. Should the client require greater coverage you would have to take out your own cover at your own cost.

* Ensure that should you purchase any new items before leaving, you retain the invoice for Insurance and Customs purposes.


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